Design & Content Assistance

Herewith a few services now available to Kwikwap Consultants

Look & Feel Only


Content Only (maximum 30 pages supplied in PDF or MS Word format – spelling and grammatical correction included + 30 products / services)


Content & Look (max 30 products or services + maximum 30 pages content supplied in PDF or MS Word format – spelling and grammatical correction included )

R1, 000

Online Store (Max 30 products) – Look & Feel & Content included

R1, 200

Logo Design (per sample)


Digital Ads for Facebook & Instagram (can be used for email marketing)


Corporate Profile Design (scriptwriting, graphics & editing included)

* Client supplies their logo and as much information as they can (including photos where applicable) pertaining to their relevant industry and we assimilate information and professionally structure the content)

R500 (maximum 8 x A4 pages)

4x pages content with 1x cover page recommended as per industry standards. Too much information puts the reader off – it is recommended that the information be more comprehensively explained on their website – corporate profile also loaded as downloadable PDF onto their website

 E-mail signature design - 1 design per company, R25 per   additional email signature thereafter which includeds   ammendments R250

Print Ready artwork (graphic design)

B/Card Single sided


B/Card Double Sided


A6 OR A5 Flyer Single Sided


A6 OR A5 Flyer Double Sided


Poster Design (A3 – A0)


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  Consultant Name
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  Agent Code
  Client website (if applicable)
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  Your date of delivery of project (please note that we require a minimum of 3-5 working days for completion of the project, subject to all content having been received in the correct format)
  Which of the following services are you interested in?
  Look & Feel Only @ R500
  Content Only @ R500
  Look & Feel + Content @ R1000
  Online Store Look & Content @ R1200
  Logo Design R300
  Corporate Profile Design R500
  Digital Advert Design @ R150
  B/Card Single Sided @ R150
  B/Card Double Sided @ R250
  Flyer Single Sided A6 @ R200
  Flyer Single Sided A5 @ R200
  Flyer Double Sided A6 @ R250
  Flyer Double Sided A5 @ R250
  Poster A3 @ R500
  Poster A2 @ R500
  Poster A1 @ R500
  Poster A0 @ R500
  Email Signature @ R250
  Email signature ammendment @ R25 per signature
  Payment preference:
  Immediately via EFT
  Deduction from consultant commission
  Please supply us with more information on which services you would like to make use of, as well as more about what your client requires (his or her brief)
  Please upload any content, information and images (your client's brief) pertaining to the job at hand. Jpgs