You can decide which modules to activate and use in your Kwikwap Website. You can also deactivate modules which you have previously activated by the click of a button. Just one button. The following video will show you how to activate additional m

You can activate the photo album of your Kwikwap Website by first activating the functionality under the additional modules section. After activating the photo gallery you will see the link under the manage website content section of your management

When searching on the internet more and more Google Map results appear at the top of search results, below the sponsored links. If it is important for Google then it must be important for any serious web marketer to use Google Maps as part of their w

To change your Kwikwap Website into an E Commerce Website  (A Website with an online shop)  you need to activate the online ordering module under additional modules. After activation you will find the online ordering link under manage websi

Kwikwap have developed Industry specific modules for: Guest Houses and Lodges Estate Agents Financiers Car Dealers Bike Dealers These industry specific modules are free with your Kwikwap Website.  

Video 1   Video 2 - Picassa Web Albums (Part 1) Video 2 - Picassa Web Albums (Part 2)

This section shows you how easy it is to upload Youtube Videos to your website. You can also embed chatrooms and other gadgets in this fashion. Basically any media that allows itself to be embedded. In this example I am embedding a Youtube video to a

  Step 1 Firstly you will need your Kwikwap Consultants code to create a website. Phone your Kwikwap Consultant and ask him to give you his code. Discuss what services you will require from him and what will be paid for those services.

Google Analytics is a very powerfull analytical tool to see how well your website performs.  

To create groups you need to click on manage website content and then to click on  click here to manage your Product / Service Groups   From here you will be able to create groups including describing the product or services group, a

The following video will show you where to see if a Co.Za domain is available . Many South African business owners choose to take out a Dot Com domain because it sounds smarter - stupid!!! Only take a Dot Com domain if you want to do better on f

This video shows you how easily it is to ad advertisements to your Kwikwap Website. You can enter both normal advertisements that appears on your normal website as well as mobile adverts that appears on your mobile (Cellphone) website. (It remains o

The current text editor was later added to the Kwikwap System . This is why you still see the add photo buttons on all the pages. Before the new text editor was added to Kwikwap one could only upload photos by using the upload buttons. Now you can u

Consultants are not employees of Kwikwap but independent contractors who work on their own time without supervision. The Head office or Franchise offices provides admin and logistical support to clients and consultants. Consultants are supposed to

 After clicking on the images icon (Insert / Edit Image) a dialoque box wil come up. You will need to upload pictures from your computer. Make sure your pictures are smaller than 140 kb. You must cick on the upload button See picture: &

This video will show you how to make a Gif Image. This particular Gif Image is displayed in the Kwikwap Website Features under General Information.

The internet keeps changing. There is no better way than by video to communicate with your target market. Youtube videos of your business also gets free exposure on Youtube. Gustav Oosthuysen can help you create a professional video of your business

This short video will show you how to create a Hyperlink using text inside your Text Editor of your Kwikwap Website. A Hypelink is where someone clicks on data which then redirects them to a chosen page. You can also create Hyperlinks on Images.

You can upload a Youtube video anywhere inside your text editor. First you copy the Url of the Youtube video. Inside your text editor you click on the Insert/Edit Media Object. You click on Web Location, Select Youtube Video and then at the bottom ri

This video shows how easy it is to make an announcement on your Kwikwap Website.  

This video shows you how to compress pictures so you can use them on your website. We use Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Your photos need to be smaller than 140 kb.  

The following videos will show you how to create a series of J Peg Images so you can have a "flash" logo or banner for your website. Example : . Step 1 : Create the optimum background size The optimum backround si

Please remember that from time to time there might be a technical issue that neither you nor your Consultant can sort out. You will then need to send an e mail to . Your consultant is your first line of support. Always asks

This is a brief introduction to the different Kwikwap Templates. More examples will be listed soon. Customizable Templates You are viewing a customizable template now. Also see with .swf Logo with

This short video will show you how to log into your back office or your website's management portal. You have two websites. One is what everybody sees on the world wide web and the other is where you work on the content and look of your website. T

You will be able to see under the admin and reports how people came to your website. How they found you trough search engines such as Google. You will be able to see what search terms were used to find your website.You will be able to see from which

Before the new text editor was introduced one could only upload two pictures on the home page. There was a size limit of 1 Mb per photograph. The location where these picture appears were pre-defined. This resulted in text sometimes not displaying

Found inside your website's management portal is a warning message to all customers not to send Spam through our servers. It is for this reason we limit the e mails from your Kwikwap Website to a 1000 per day and 5000 per month. Do not sen

We can also ad the following: Allows Business owners to focus on content: Your average man on the street can focus on adding quality content to his website on a regular basis and thereby work towards attaining high rankings in organic search engine

When you want to send out bulk sms messages you can upload a list in CSV format. (Excel spreadsheet saved as a CSV (Comma Delimited) File.) This is useful when you want to send out an SMS at month end and remind people of their specific outstanding a

Before you create a website or manage your website please make sure you have a good data connection. Also bear in mind that we are dependent on the general availability of the South African internet. You will be frustrated f you only have a 2 G conn

Because Kwikwap Websites are template based it is often necessary to resize images. This needs to be done with Logo's and Background Images with the the pre-defined templates. This video will show you how to use Photoscape to resize Images using Ph

The section where you communicate with your customers via e mail or sms from your website's management portal is found under comm with customers.     To send e mails or sms's from your website you first need to activate your mailing

Picassa Web Albums is a free product from Google and great for creating Web Banners, Web Albums, Photo Collages. Just download Picassa download and get it. When installing Picassa it will give you the option to automatically sort all the pictures on

You can have a FAQ section on your Kwikwap Website. You first have to activate the module in the addtional modules section. You will the see a link under the manage website content section. You can then ad questions and their answers in th FAQ

The following video will show you how to to copy and paste data from Microsoft Word to your products and services pages. Currently this works best while using Internet Explorer. Remember the data lable or link can be renamed so this video applies to

It is important to use a lot of quality data when populating your Kwikwap website. Our websites have a great structure and you need to make use of it. A Kwikwap Website is only as good as the data it contains. Here is a link to an important doc

Below video will explain why is such a great website. The greatness of the website lies in it's simplicity. We tell the world what we charge and offer enough samples so that clients know what to expect. We also state why our webs

The following video will show you how to log into your website. After visiting and logging in using your username and password you will see your website's management portal. It is divided into the following sections. Manage W

 When getting a website you have to choose between three different hosting packages: Option 1: R59 pm - With a R59 website you get a Kwikwap domain e.g. : Option 2: R99pm - With a R99 website you get a redirected domain.

All our clients become their own webmasters. Google Webmaster Central is a must read for people who are serious about improving their rankings with Google. There are some important guidelines to follow if you want to experience good search results a

  As can be seen above you can upload .swf files in the text editor of your website. You click on the little film strip. The insert / edit media object. Then click upload. See picture below:

This is an introductory video on the section in your website's management portal where you can communicate with your customers via either SMS or E Mail. To send an email is free. To send an SMS costs 25 cents per recipient. (Vat inclusive). Tip: Ac

Photoscape is an excellent tool to create a logo or web banner for your Kwikwap Website. Photoscape can be downloaded for free. Photoscape is easy to learn. Photoscape has a channel on Youtube. Subscribe to their channel if you want to become a

This is a great tool that can be used to create flash photo albums or a great flash logo / banner for your website. Buy it online for about R390 depending on dollar exchange rate It can be used to create a Flash Logo or a Photo Gallery. See b

  In the back office of your website you will see a help button. When you click on the help button links will appear in the left hand side of your screen. See below image: You can then click on any of the links. Q&A (Questions and an

When you click on the feedback button This button: the feedback links will appear on the left of the screen: The following note appears which is self explanatory: Welcome to the new Kwikwap Feedback section. Here you can let us

  When you click on the look and feel section the look and feel links will appear Logo Header You can have four different kinds of Logo's or Headers Gif J Peg Rotating J Peg Images Flash .swf Logos Layout and colours You can change

The first step is to copy the Facebook Url extention of the Facebook Page which you wnat to embed on your website. See Image Below: The next step is to go to a Facebook Page of which you allready are an admin. (If not you have to create you

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