Kwikweb Sales Pack giveaway July 2017

Kwikweb are looking for sales reps. If you are a keen salesperson who wants to make a lot of money, easily, then read on.

We want sales agents to sell our “off-the-shelf” websites, that is ready-made websites.

We have hand crafted over 700 websites for 70 different industries. All you need to do is to show potential clients the completed websites for their particular industry. These websites are not generic, they are very specific for a particular industry.

So, all you need to do is to show a plumber a catalogue of completed plumbing websites (or show an accountant a pre built accountants website). It can be done in person, via email or via Facebook. The catalogue can be seen here:

The Kwikweb sales agent gets the lion’s share of the selling price. Websites are sold for anything up to R3,500 and you can earn between R2500 and R3500 for each website that you sell. You only have to do the selling, that is all. You don’t have to do anything else. Our back office takes care of the design and content.

We have put together a limited set of sales packs for the first 30 people that request them (normal cost is R250). The salespack contains printed brochures, business cards, folders, pricelists, how-to guide etc . If you want one of these sales packs on the house, then please click the button to apply: