August 2018 Newsletter - Kwikweb - 6 interesting points

1. LIVE TRAINING: We are holding a Facebook Live broadcast to show everyone how to activate and run the Ecommerce module (online ordering/selling). Make sure to like Kwikweb’s page on FB because that is where we are going to broadcast the training.

Tuesday 21 August 2018


2. DAILY FREE DESIGN: Remember, head office is sponsoring one free design per day. Just email to hear if a day’s design is available. If not, try the next day.

3. GRAPHIC DESIGN SERVICES: You can also buy Graphic Design services from head office at cost price. E.g. you can get a complete design for only R500. Click here to order:

4. TOOLS and TRICKS of the TRADE

In your Consultants Portal there is a section called Useful and Custom links. Then it has a sub-heading called Useful Websites. Go and study it. For your convenience I also copied the text and pasted it below in plain text. The next tool is one that is not on the list yet: - online tool that automatically creates mock-ups / ideas for logos. You only pay when you download it. If you don’t want to pay you can use it to make screengrabs to show your clients various options and then just design a final one yourself.

5. TRAINING MANUAL: Here is a link to a brand new PDF training manual for new Consultants (the doc can also be found in your Consultants Portal under General Documents or just here on an open page ). This is the only document you need in order to train new consultants.

6. : This website has all the information you need in order to help someone to set up or troubleshoot an email address.

ProTip 1: If you see an error, Google it

ProTip 2: This website also has a link to where you can find amazing online tools to help you set up an email address on all cell phones.


Useful tools and websites:

Google Site Submit

Here you can submit any website to google to be indexed. Simnply sign into your FREE webmaster account / or register and then once logged in to your webmaster account click on this link to submit the website url.


To see if a website is available from a certain country


Various tools available for example:

1) see on which server mails are hosted

2) check if a domain is blacklisted and many others


To check what your IP address is of your current internet connection (modem). That could be useful if a certain connection has been banned from accessing the servers (to prevent hacking we ban multiple incorrect attempts)


To test ping and traceroute (Traceroute is a utility that records the route (the specific gateway computers at each hop) through the Internet between your computer and a specified destination computer.)


Check the website speed, in overall. Can also view the individual files loading that takes long.


This site hides your IP address so you can use it to check if a website is definitely displaying or not (if not displaying in normal browser)


Email support: how to set up an email address. Troubleshooting

Accredited Registrars on the New COZA Registry

To check domain details and availability for domains


Checks if a website is really down


Quick way to check if the domain is really down to the outside world. Much shorter name to remember than


Remote desktop software that enables someone else to control your computer. Your IT technician no longer needs to do a site visit to fix your PC.

Google public DNS setup - speed up your browsing experience, improve your security & get the results you expect!

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