+ Can I register my Kwikwap Website on any domain and host with any company?

+ Why is there no printed training manual for Kwikwap?

+ How much does a Kwikwap Website Cost?

+ WILL clients get money when people visit their website.

+ I need to upload a pinterest HTML file - where do I upload this?

+ How do I put a facebook link on my page, so ppl can like my facebook page from my webpage

+ How can i embedd my facebook page feed on my kwikwap website?

+ About website security, how secure is client information when using e commerce.

+ How do I change the password for my website CMS?

The credit card payment structure, is this linked to a kwikwap account or will it be linked to the klients bank account when added to his website?

hi there how much will you charge me for sending sms's to prospective members from my back office website and do you charge for backoffice website.

I've deactivated a module / link from my website, how do I activate it again, i.e. "photo gallery"

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