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The following videos will show you how to create a series of J Peg Images so you can have a "flash" logo or banner for your website.

Example : www.outsidekruger.co.za .

Step 1 : Create the optimum background size

The optimum backround size for your series of rotating J Peg Images is 800 x 200 Pixels.

You can use a program like Paint. Click on attributes and set the images size. Although you can resize in Photoscape this makes it easier to start working on your series of rotating Images. J Peg Images.

You can also move directly to Photoscape and combine three images like in www.outsidekruger.co.za without first creating a background.

This first video shows how to use paint to create a background Image in the optimum size for Kwikwap Websites.

Video: Still uploading to Youtube