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Consultants are not employees of Kwikwap but independent contractors who work on their own time without supervision.

The Head office or Franchise offices provides admin and logistical support to clients and consultants.

Consultants are supposed to properly train their clients in the use and management of their Kwikwap Website. (Some consultants choose to maintain their clients websites at an agreed rate on behalf of their clients)

It is expected that Consultants act in good faith towards Kwikwap.

The consultant agency agreement is found in the consultants management portal.

Some important points in the agreement are:

Consultants must conduct his business in a honest, ethical and professional manner.

Allowing sites that contain racism, pornography, profanity or otherwise improper content may lead tho the termination of the agreement between the consultant and Kwikwap.

Failure to collect debit orders for paid sites may also lead to the termination of the agreement.

Consultants are responsible for the first line of support to their clients and agents recruited and trained by them.

It is not fair to expect Kwikwap to police consultants. You are not going to expect Pastel to start policing accountants, are you?

It is expected that Kwikwap Consultants who are serious about building a business will giver proper support and training to their clients and therefore build up goodwill with their clients and get referral business from existing clients. Those who do not offer a professional service and follow up service will eventually find another job.

This website should assist greatly in the training of clients and consultants.

If you feel you would like a new consultant you may request so in the feedback / complaint section of your website but you are requested to motivate your reason for your request.

Kwikwap will take into consideration the amount paid when setting up your website, the amount of time spend training you and other factors before deciding to allow you to be transferred to a new consultant. If their is serious repeat problems with consultants their agency agreements may be cancelled. Kwikwap will however always try and sort out the problem with their consultants and guide them to building successful web design and development businesses.

Work is currently under way by Head office to more clearly define the roles of consultants, the responsibilities of clients and to provide guidelines as to minimum service level agreements that should exist between consultants and heir clients.

There are consultants who will be willing to take over clients and receive the ongoing commission in exchange for visiting a client and retraining a client without a repeat setup fee.

Currently there is a program to hold regular training sessions in Pretoria. This is useful where clients of Kwikwap appoint new staff who they want to send for training in the use and management of a Kwikwap Website. These training sessions are not to be viewed as a substitute for a proper training session and follow up services especially where the maximum setup fee of R2,500 was charged.

Hopefully www.kwikwaptraining.co.za will make it easier for clients to recap on training provided by their Kwikwap consultant.