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You can have a FAQ section on your Kwikwap Website.

You first have to activate the module in the addtional modules section.

You will the see a link under the manage website content section.

You can then ad questions and their answers in th FAQ section.

This will not only provide usefull information to visitors of your website but will also assist in improving search engine results iow getting more visitors to your website.

Below your FAQ's on your website potential clients will be able to ask questions.

You will then receive an e mail informing you that a client has asked a question.

You will need to log into your management portal. On the Kwikwap Bulletin board you will see a link called Notifications.

Click on the link. You will see the answer posted by the potential client.

You can answer the question there and als select to include the question and answer in your FAQ section of your website.

Here is the video showing you how: