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This video shows you how easily it is to ad advertisements to your Kwikwap Website.

You can enter both normal advertisements that appears on your normal website as well as mobile adverts that appears on your mobile (Cellphone) website. (It remains one website with one management portal and one hosting fee. Your Kwikwap Website is just displayed on three different platforms.)

To ad advertisements click on manage website content. (After logging into your Kwikwap Website by visiting www.kwikwap.co.za or .com or .co.uk )

At the bottom left click on the link which says Advertising. 

Then select either ad a website advert or ad a mobile advert.

Follow the prompts. You will be prompted to upload a picture, write the advertisement text and to specify the address you want people to go when they have clicked on the picture. You can upload Gif Images as well as JPeg Images.

You can also upload third party source codes.

Watch video: