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To change your Kwikwap Website into an E Commerce Website  (A Website with an online shop)  you need to activate the online ordering module under additional modules. After activation you will find the online ordering link under manage website content.

You can choose whether you want to receive Credit Card Payments trough Setcom, Receive EFT payments or whether you just want to receive request for quotes.

The following video demonstrates how to activate online ordering on your Kwikwap Website.

Payment types

A Client can have three methods to transact with you:
1) Accept credit card payments through a Payment Gateway (like an internet bank), and/or
2) Direct deposit or transfer into your bank account (EFT), or
3) Quotations 

Credit Card
You have to open an account with the Payment Gateway and then enter your Merchant Identifier into your Online Ordering Module in Kwikwap. The monies does not flow through Kwikwap but rather through the Payment Gateway. To open the Payment Gateway is free but their transaction charges are R2,50 + 4,9% of the purchase price (these rates are the industry standard). Click here to get your Merchant Identifier.(Once you have registered and logged in, your Merchant Identifier can be found under My Account then Overview.) 

Direct deposit / transfer
After the customer has placed the order, he/she receives an email with your banking details. You also receive a copy of the email (which also includes the clients details). The client then deposits the money with a system generated order number. Once you have received the payment, the goods can be shipped. 

Once the customer has come to the end of the order process he/she will be able to request a quotation. A quotation will automatically be sent to the client with their products they have previously selected.