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The following video will show you how to log into your website. After visiting www.kwikwap.co.za and logging in using your username and password you will see your website's management portal.

It is divided into the following sections.

Manage Website Content

This is where you will be spending most of your time adding content to your website

Additional Modules

In this section you select which additional modules to activate. Once activated a module will be found under the Manage Website Content Section.

Look and Feel

In the Look and Feel section you update your Logo and select your template.

We have both predefined templates and customizeable templates. Predefined templates can not be changed as much as customizeable templates can be changed.

You can change your templates at any stage without losing data.

When selecting a Customizable Template please ignore the colour scheme. The colour scheme can be manipulated.

The predefined templates have an image library to choose for your website "Logo". You can also use your own images with the predefined templates.

A instructional video explaining the different templates will be made shortly.

Comm with Customers

Here you can upload and send newsletters. You can also send Text messages to individuals or selected groups.

Your SMS can also be a hyperlink back to a specic page of your Mobi Website. (Remember your Kwikwap website displays on three different platforms.)

To see what this website looks like on a modern phone please click the link :

http://www.freewebsitessa.co.za/xmenu.php or best view this website from your Cell Phone.

Admin and reports

In this section you will be able to edit your Basic Business Information, Do your Domain and E Mail Management, See your detailed Website Hit and Search Terms Used Reports etc.

Help Section

You can get the following from the help section. There is a community Q&A section, you can get you website consultants contact details, you can get help documents etc.

Feedback Section

In this section you can give compliments, give complaints or make suggessions. You can also view the community suggestion board.