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This section shows you how easy it is to upload Youtube Videos to your website. You can also embed chatrooms and other gadgets in this fashion. Basically any media that allows itself to be embedded. In this example I am embedding a Youtube video to a custom page. As you can see you can also embed a youtube video to your Kwikwap Website right here by clicking on the film strip icon in the text editor box and following the prompts. Adding youtube videos to your website greatly assist in getting you better results on search engines.

It is a great way to show people your business and products. Anyone can open a Youtube account and upload videos. This functionality works very well with Lodges and Guesthouses.

Just look at the Youtube video below and on this website and you will understand how powerfull communication tool this is. Let us just hope that Internet Communication Cost in South Africa gets reduced so people will be more willing to watch videos on youtube.

You can also embed Youtube Videos inside your text editor anywhere on your website by using the URL found on Youtube and following the steps as shown in this video: