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Step 1

Firstly you will need your Kwikwap Consultants code to create a website.

Phone your Kwikwap Consultant and ask him to give you his code.

Discuss what services you will require from him and what will be paid for those services.

If you do not have a consultant use the following codes:

  • Francois Marais - Pretoria 711106fm - www.http://www.francoismarais.mobi
  • Kwikwap Capetown Licensee - kwikwap2 - www.http://www.easywebsitebuilder.co.za
Choose a consultant near you. You may need help along the way and it will help you if your consultant is close to you. 
(We will add more Consultant Codes and Details here as we get the consultants to contribute to building this Training Website.)

On the Kwikwap Frontpage found at http://www.kwikwap.co.za you click on get a website.

A page will then come up which is self explanatory.

Enter your business name, e mail , cell number and your consultants code.

Click next

Step 2

You now come to the page where you complete your general company details. What is important is yourmain description which is your page headings. You do not need to overdo the keywords. On average 6 keywords should be used. Remember your website content must support the keywords. They keywords without relevant content will not help you get better search engine results. Do no try and fool search engines. You may be penalised for doing so.

Website content - general

Remember that you are unique. You have a unique business in an unique location. Your website is their to tell the world who you are and what you do. You may have fierce competition in your industry. Yes you can look and see what they do and learn but DONT copy their website. AND DONT COPY OTHER WEBSITES TEXT unless you have permission or if it is free stuff like Wikipedia. Remember to give credit where you use text wth permission.

Company code

Select a short company code as you will enter this code everytime you log into the management portal. Your company code is going to be the extention of your website address. (If you do not get your own domain.) So choose something that is short and easy to remember by customers like http://www.kwikwap.co.za/margate.

Website field

The website field is to be completed if you have a main website and this is only your mobile or second website. 

General advice
Your focus should be on compiling a profile of your company and highlighting that which makes you unique, why people would want to buy your services or products.

You dont need fancy tricks to be found by search engines. Just make sure you build a proper website using your own writing and articles. Google is clever enough to find you on behalf of people looking for you. Just be yourself. But tell the world who you are. Our websites are not for lazy people.

They are for people who want to manage and update a website themselves.


Your logo can be a graphic design or it can be a photograph. Remember to compress your pictures. Especially if you are working with slow internet connections you will be frustrated if you try upload files or photographs that is too big. J Peg is the preferred format for logos and photograps.

About us

When starting a new website you may or may not have a company profile on hand. If you do have it on hand you can copy and paste to this section. Remember don't be afraid! You can go back and edit anything on your website except the company code that you choose in the beginning.

Most of the time to ge started I just type in a short sentence and then later go back. Once you have gone trough the website creation process you will be able to see the structure of your website and better be able to visualise how your final website is going to look like. An important tip is to start your about us section with what products you sell or what services in which area you deliver.

Do not start with something grand like a large expansion on your company values or history. People and search engines don't have time to read trough your "personal achievements" file before finding out what you do. Start of with something like:

We sell telephone systems in Pretoria. 

If that is your business then say it. Don't think big and say we are going to be the largest telephone system providers in the world. The search engines will not know who you really are and people looking for telephone systems in Pretoria is not going to find you. There allready are the largest telephone system providers on the internet and you will not compete with them for search engine results since they are who they say they are and they have been around longer.

Step 3

You now have to enter the number of products and servies. Just enter 1 or two. You will have plenty of time to add more products at a later stage. You will also have the opportunity to upload your product list via a CSV file. (Comma Separated Values - easy to understand detail instructions on how to create a CSV file is in your management portal)

Enter a number and click next

You know enter your product name and description. It is important that you use full descriptions of your products. At the creation stage do not worry too much about your products and descriptions. You can allways go back and edit, ad or delete your products and services.

Click next

Step 4

You must now choose a template for your websites. Pick any since you can allways go back at a later stage and choose new templates and colour schemes without losing any of your website data. We currently have 8 templates available. (More will be added, as times permits, free of charge.)

You must click on a template. On the circle and then move down to select the colour scheme.

You must now select a colour scheme to your liking. Don't worry too much about what you choose at this stage since you can go back and change everything. Select any that you more or less like.

Then click create site.

You will now have a website that is live and you will have a website address which consists of http://www.kwikwap.co.za/(plus your chosen company code). That is your website address. You get your own domain by requesting it in your management portal. (You go to Website Administration and select Kwikwap Product Upgrade from where you can follow the prompts.)

After these first few steps you will be able to actually start working on your website. For further instructions please go to section A. (You now have a website)