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The first step is to copy the Facebook Url extention of the Facebook Page which you wnat to embed on your website.

See Image Below:

The next step is to go to a Facebook Page of which you allready are an admin. (If not you have to create your own Facebook Page) . Then click on Edit Page and then Update Public Info.

See two images below

You then 

You then select Resources and then select Use social plugins.

See Image below

You then select Like Box. See Image below.

A pop up box will appear with a preview. You then paste the FB Url extention and you will view a preview. You can customise the Like Box width, height and colour scheme if you like. See image below.

You can then scroll down and click on get code

The select Iframe. See Image below

Highlight the sourcecode and copy. See image below.

Open your Kwikwap Website and the page where you want to insert the Like Box.

Click your cursor inside the Content Editor

Click on Source

See Image below

Paste the source code. It will look like the image below.

Click on the Source Icon. You will see an Image that says Iframe. See image below.

You can click on the Iframe Icon and centre it if you like. See Image below.

Once you have updated and published your page it should look like this: