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When you click on the feedback button

This button:

the feedback links will appear on the left of the screen:

Kwikwap Website Feedback Links

The following note appears which is self explanatory:

Welcome to the new Kwikwap Feedback section.

Here you can let us know what you think about Kwikwap and your Website.

If you would like to complain about something please use the complaints link on the left. We will take all complaints seriously and do our utmost best to correct any wrongs.

Like what you got and want to let us know? Please feel free to let us know what you are pleased with. We will be posting the compliments on the www.kwikwap.co.za front page to let other customers know how you feel. 

The suggestions system that you are used to has stayed in tact. I.e. you can still make suggestions for features that you would like to see or improvements on features that are already available. You can also still vote on suggestions that have been made by other users, the more votes a suggestion has the more we'll do what we can to implement it.

Your feedback is really important to us and we will take any feedback to heart.Your feedback is really important to us and we will take any feedback to heart.

We will discuss each of the section in more detail in this section of the website.