Website Warehouse

We would like to tell you about a new tool that could help you sell more websites.

As you know the team at Sureweb can do custom designs for consultants at a fee of R700.

They recently put together a showcase of possible designs on a portfolio style website called

You can use this website to show your clients what is possible and they can even choose a design from here as well.

If you would like Sureweb to design a site for you based on these examples, the prices are as follows:


Direct copy: R300

Copy of example site with the client's logo: R400

Complete Custom Design: R700

Optional Extras: Logo design: R500 (3 samples)

Loading of info: R500



If the client finds a site that they would like you can just click the buy now button and fill out the form. Make sure you enter Your contact details so the designers can contact you to discuss the particulars.