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Your Kwikwap Consultant is supposed to provide a minimum training service as covered in the Standard Client Charter. This service should be paid for. (The current suggested price is R2,500.) .

Your Kwikwap Consultant often relies on getting referral business and should be willing to provide reasonable free after care service. (Free within limits)

The client charter can be found under admin and reports / legal matters .

It would be unreasonable to expect your Kwikwap Consultant to train more than one person without being compensated e.g. where the first person trained is replaced by another.

In most cases your Kwikwap Consultant should be able to train any reasonable person to manage and develop his or her own website with ease.

Some consultants forfeit a part of the Setup fees and provide no initial training and opt to manage the website for a monthly fee on behalf of clients.

These factors should be considered should you feel you did not receive reasonable training from the outset.